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Natural Breast Lift

With advances in cosmetic surgical techniques, patients are now able to achieve natural breast lift results through plastic surgery procedures. Natural breast lift results are desirable to many women who wish to enhance the shape and contour of their breasts without extensive scarring or overly dramatic results. Natural breast lift surgical procedures can remedy the toll that gravity, aging, breast weight, changes in body weight, and childbirth can take on the appearance of a woman's breasts. Breast ptosis, or drooping, can result from the loosening of the breast skin and suspension ligaments.

Approximately 57,000 women sought the benefits of natural breast lift cosmetic surgery techniques in 2002 alone. Research indicates that with advancement in surgical techniques and the subsequent natural breast lift results achieved, breast lift procedures are growing more popular every year. Natural breast lift results are often the product of mastopexy breast lift surgery or mammaplasty breast augmentation surgical procedures.


Natural breast lift results can be achieved through a surgical procedure known as mastopexy, which raises and reshapes sagging breasts by tightening the skin and reducing the size of the areola. Mastopexy can involve an anchor-shaped incision circling the areola, descending vertically to the lower part of the breast and expanding horizontally across the breast fold.

This technique has the potential to cause visible scarring but there are some natural breast lift techniques that can also be employed. Some patients with minor sagging can get their desired results with much less scarring. Periareolar mastopexy is a more natural breast lift technique that is performed with an inconspicuous incision circling the areola. Smaller incisions can also be used in some surgical methods that result in less scarring and a more natural breast lift.

Mammaplasty Breast Augmentation

For patients who want to achieve an increased breast size in addition to natural breast lift results, mammaplasty breast augmentation may be an appropriate surgical procedure. With breast augmentation, an implant is inserted into the breasts in order to increase bust size and produce natural breast lift results. There are a number of techniques that can be used to produce natural looking results with little appearance of scarring after surgery. The transumbical breast augmentation technique uses an incision in the belly button to insert breast implants. Transaxillary breast augmentation is achieved through incisions made in the underarm area, which can prevent the appearance of post-op scarring. Inframammary and Periareolar breast augmentation can also leave little scarring and achieve natural breast lift results.