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Breast Reduction Complications

Breast reduction complications are generally the same as complications from any surgical procedure. Most of the breast reduction complications are not serious in nature and are easily corrected or treated, although more serious breast reduction complications very rarely result in permanent scarring or even death.

The majority of breast reduction complications are surgical in nature. As in any surgical procedure, there exists a chance of breast reduction complications related to anesthesia, hemorrhaging, or infection. Besides difficulties during surgery, breast reduction complications include problems that develop or become apparent over subsequent weeks, months, or years. These breast reduction complications, including loss of shape, re-growth of breast tissue, or inability to breastfeed, are breast reduction complications with various factors, including the individual healing process. Some patients experience breast reduction complications that other patients in identical circumstances do not have.

Preventing Complications

A good plastic surgeon knows how to reduce these breast reduction complications. For instance, one of the latest advances in breast reduction involves the use of liposuction: breast reduction complications are greatly lessened, as incision sites are smaller and general anesthetics are rarely necessary. Breast reduction complications can also be averted through good patient/doctor communication and cooperation. There are some things that all patients can do to lower their risk factors. Some breast reduction complications are greatly increased if the patient is a smoker, for instance. If breast reduction complications arise, the patient should immediately contact the doctor to determine the nature of these breast reduction complications. Some of the breast reduction complications, such as infection, can occur after the patient is released from the doctor's care.