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Correcting Aging with Blepharoplasty

In the event that something goes awry during or after surgery, a blepharoplasty correction may be needed to prevent an unnatural appearance or to reverse damage. In some cases, blepharoplasty correction can be accomplished without surgery, but it usually requires a second procedure, and a skilled surgeon. Most surgeons will perform any required blepharoplasty correction at little or no cost if they operated on the patients the first time. Whether or not the surgeon charges for a blepharoplasty correction may depend upon the extent of the alteration needed and other factors.

The reasons for undergoing a blepharoplasty correction may be entirely minor or very serious, cosmetic or medical. If the eyes heal incorrectly, having a blepharoplasty correction performed can usually produce the desired results. The tear ducts may be affected, and this is a problem that may be more difficult to address through blepharoplasty correction, although it is sometimes possible to repair such damages.

The success of blepharoplasty corrections is limited by the amount of tissue remaining around the eye. If the reason for undergoing a blepharoplasty correction is undercorrection in the original surgery, this is not a problem. The real complications occur when a patient requires blepharoplasty correction due to an overcorrection in a previous procedure. It is possible to build up that area to disguise the problem, but the limitations of blepharoplasty correction may not allow a complete solution.

Individuals who have had difficulty during their surgery or healing may wish to consider a blepharoplasty correction. This surgery can be more complicated than the original procedure, and care must be taken to ensure that the blepharoplasty correction is capable of meeting the needs and expectations of the patient.

Discuss the methods and potential outcomes of blepharoplasty correction with a physician and your loved ones, and be sure to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience specifically in working on surgical blepharoplasty corrections by clicking on your state below.