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Ear Pinning Surgery

Ear pinning surgery, or otoplasty can allow for prominent ears that stick out to be set back closer to the head. In most instances, the ear pinning procedure will be performed on young children since ears have usually reached its full size by very early in life. Since children can experience taunting for their ears, ear pinning surgery can often save hurtful feelings from being suffered.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important to realize surgery can alter physical traits but should not be performed to fix any self-esteem problems. While taunting by other kids because of prominent ears can be difficult, parents should not push undergoing the procedure unless the child is willing. It has been shown that patients already secure with themselves will be happier with the cosmetic outcome than patients that undergo procedures for the wrong reasons.

A qualified surgeon will evaluate the child for ear pinning surgery before determining what technique will most greatly benefit the child. The normally outpatient procedure will only require local anesthesia unless the ear pinning surgery is being performed on a younger child and the surgeon recommends a general anesthesia so the child can sleep through the procedure. A sedative along with local anesthesia can help to relax any nervous patients.

Ear pinning surgery complications are infrequent but all patients should fully understand both the benefits and potential risks of procedures. Usually the ear pinning surgery will take just a couple hours to complete, though the time can vary depending on individual circumstances. By making small incisions in the back of the ear in order to expose ear cartilage, the surgeon can perform the ear pinning surgery by then sculpting the cartilage, bending it more towards the head and stitching it into place. Alternatively, the ear pinning surgery might require an incision in the back of the ear to remove skin and then stitch the cartilage back in order to create a new ear shape without having to remove any cartilage.

For the majority of patients, the results of the ear pinning surgery will be met with great pleasure. Risk of ear pinning surgery side effects are not serious, with blood clots in the ear that usually dissolve naturally or a cartilage infection treated with antibiotics the most serious adverse effects reported in just a small number of patients. Parents should realize the child should want the ear pinning surgery to occur and that pushing them will only lead to a higher chance of unhappiness during and after.

Procedures like ear pinning surgery has allowed minor aesthetic changes to result in dramatic differences for a person. To discuss this procedure in more detail, and to learn how you can alter your appearance with an ear pinning, choose an area below to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon near you.