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Sclerotherapy Results

For people who suffer from spider veins, enjoying sclerotherapy results can mean more confidence and added freedoms such as going to the pool without being self-conscious. Treatment with sclerotherapy results in the elimination or diminishment of the appearance of spider veins, from which over half of adult women suffer. Men can also benefit from sclerotherapy results, although spider veins are far less common among men than women and are generally easily concealed by leg hair.

Patients should be aware that this treatment is not designed to prevent spider veins from forming in the future; sclerotherapy results apply solely to existing visible veins. Injections of sclerosing agent will cause varicose and spider veins to close off and be reabsorbed by the body. Ideal sclerotherapy results can be achieved by injecting the sclerosing agent every inch or so along the length of vein to be treated. The treatment process takes around 15 to 45 minutes, and then the patient will be free to return home. To secure the best possible sclerotherapy results, patients will likely need to wear support hose or a pressure garment for three or more days following treatment.

To achieve the optimal sclerotherapy results, the patient and physician should work together to identify problem areas and determine the plan for treatment. In most cases, full sclerotherapy results will only be achieved through a series of treatments spaced about a month apart, with the veins appearing lighter after each procedure. Physicians should help patients develop the appropriate expectations for sclerotherapy results; treatment does not provide an instant cure or correction. In fact, veins that have been treated generally look much worse before they improve. Once the bruising and redness subsides the sclerotherapy results become visible.

Patients suffering from spider or varicose veins are often concerned about the appearance of their affected areas, and sclerotherapy results can provide relief by eliminating an unsightly problem. Although considered a permanent solution for noticeable veins, sclerotherapy results may require touchups or full treatments if new veins form.