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Laser Bra Breast Reduction

Laser bra breast reduction is a specific technique of breast reduction pioneered by Dr. W. Grant Stevens. The laser bra breast reduction uses excess skin to form an internal support, lifting the entire breast and nipple.


A laser bra breast reduction utilizes the same incision style as the traditional breast reduction, although during a laser bra breast reduction, the nipple is never actually separated from underlying tissue. Laser bra breast reduction surgery usually requires general anesthesia, and combines the traditional incision procedure with liposuction. The surgeon performing laser bra breast surgery makes horizontal and vertical incision, sculpts the breast with liposuction, then completes the laser bra breast reduction by using the normally discarded skin to create an internal bra, lifting the breast tissue.

Benefits of Laser Bra Breast Reduction
  • Because the laser bra breast reduction does not seperate the nipple from the underlying tissue, patients rarely experience a loss in nipple sensation.
  • Patients are generally still able to breast feed as well.
  • Laser bra breast reductions create a more pleasing shape and preserve the effects of the breast reduction over time.

Laser bra breast reductions tend to take around two hours to complete, and the pain and swelling from a laser bra breast reduction are minimal. Most patients who have undergone a laser bra breast reduction have a 5-7 day recovery time, and resume normal activities within three weeks of having laser bra breast reduction.