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Stomach Liposuction

Stomach liposuction uses suction to remove fat and reshape the contours of the abdominal area. Stomach liposuction is the most frequently performed liposuction, equally popular with men and women. One reason that stomach liposuction is so common is that abdominal fat is especially resistant to diet and exercise. Because stomach liposuction involves fewer complications and less postoperative pain, it is quickly replacing the "tummy tuck."?

Stomach liposuction can remove fat from the upper or lower abdominal region, or the entire area. Tumescent stomach liposuction allows large areas to be treated without significant invasion, using small instruments called cannelas. Tumescent stomach liposuction usually requires only a local anesthetic, greatly reducing side effects and risks, and many stomach liposuction patients have found that they need take nothing stronger than Tylenol following their stomach liposuction.

Patients usually are able to get up and walk around immediately following a tumescent stomach liposuction, and short walks are encouraged. Some drainage of fluids from the stomach liposuction incisions may occur, and is normal. The drainage after stomach liposuction will actually allow the results of the treatment to be seen sooner. However, once the drainage slows, stomach liposuction patients may notice an increase in abdominal swelling, which takes longer to subside. Due to swelling, stomach liposuction patients may have to wait a few weeks or months to see the results of their stomach liposuction procedure.

Individuals wishing to learn more may want to contact a plastic surgeon specializing in stomach liposuction to ask questions and find out if this procedure is right for them.