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Large Breast Implants

Patients who seek large breast implants run a greater risk of serious side effects associated with their plastic surgery. A good plastic surgeon will never urge a patient to go with large breast implants that push the limits of the body and have an increased risk of adverse side effects. A good plastic surgeon will evaluate the costs and benefits of large breast implants in a patient based on the specific anatomy and health of a patient. Many plastic surgeons have options that allow you to test the fit of implants before you choose a size that is most appropriate for you.

There are many reasons why women seek breast implants and a wide range of expected results. Some women have small breasts and wish to make them more proportional to their bodies. Others have average sized breasts, but because of pregnancy, nursing and aging wish to enhance the natural size and shape of their breasts with implants. Still others have average to large breasts but seek large breast implants to achieve even greater bust size.

Risks of Large Breast Implants

There are a number of adverse consequences that can result from large breast implants.

  • Depending on a particular patient's anatomy, she may not have enough skin and breast tissue to sufficiently cover large breast implants. This can result in greater visibility of the large breast implants as the edges may become quite noticeable.
  • Women who seek large breast implants also run a greater risk of surgical complications and a greater likelihood of needing subsequent procedures to fix problems with the initial surgery or its effects.
  • Having large breast implants also speeds up the effects of gravity which can lead to earlier droop and sag of the breasts. 
  • Large breast implants cause the natural breast tissue to expand. If you ever decide or need to have large breast implants removed, your breasts will sag considerably more than they would had you never had the large breast implants fit.
  • Women who choose extremely large breast implants also have a greater risk of suffering health problems related to back pain, should strap groove and other problems associated with excessively large breasts.
Polyproplylene (String) Implants

A type of large breast implants, called polypropylene or string implants, were once used in the United States to give women an outrageously large bust size. These large breast implants absorbed fluids and expanded continuously after implantation so that the breasts continued to grow after the surgery was complete. These large breast implants were especially popular with adult entertainers, but were yanked off the market after the FDA found excessive health risks associated with these large breast implants. There are some expandable large breast implants still available on the market. Through a tube placed in the armpit area, a surgeon is able to fill up the implants after the surgical procedure is complete.