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Relaxation Techniques

Stress can cause a lot of symptoms, affecting your health dramatically. While stress is an inevitable in life, worrying too much about things of insignificant matters or being unable to reasonably manage your stress levels can be extremely dangerous. It can be difficult to distinguish symptoms of stress that appear because they can easily be attributed to other things. 

Suffering from headaches, an upset stomach or insomnia can be indicators that stress is taking its toll on your body, but by practicing simple relaxation techniques you might be surprised to discover you feel better, look better, have more energy and can enjoy a sound night of sleep. Just learning to change the way you breathe can be a great and easy relaxation technique that can produce significant effects.

Finding effective relaxation techniques is becoming increasingly important living in modern times where everyone is connected at all times thanks to technology. Although a common excuse for failing to take part in relaxation techniques like exercise and yoga is because of busy schedules, breathing is one of the easiest ways to relax. When we are busy and stressed out, a message is sent to our brains indicating a flight or fight type response, which generates a faster heart rate that can cause feelings of anxiety, depression, heart palpitations and other symptoms.

Focusing your breathing can immediately change these reactions and the effects can be felt immediately. Take a few minutes of your day, especially when you are feeling especially stressed out, and just stop what you are doing. Focus on deep breaths from your stomach- not shallow chest breaths that you would normally take. Allow your belly to fully expand and hold the breath in for a few seconds before fully, and audibly, exhaling.

Using this as one of your relaxation techniques can really change the way your body reacts to what it perceives as a flight or fight situation. Pay attention to your breathing, making sure you return your attention to the relaxation techniques if your mind starts to drift. 

Many people underestimate what breathing can do. Regular practice of the easy relaxation techniques can help reduce anxiety and irritability, muscle tension, improve concentration, conserve energy and improve your sleep. When you relax your body it is surprising how easily your mind will follow.