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Liposelection, the innovative fat removal technique developed by VASER, is so safe and effective that many plastic surgeons regard this procedure as the new liposuction.  Liposuction is currently the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States with nearly 325,000 Americans receiving the procedure each year.  Many experts believe that liposelection will come to be the preferred method of fat removal.  Using advanced ultrasound technology, the liposelection technique breaks down, emulsifies, and removes stubborn pockets of unwanted fat with virtually no pain or recovery period. 

Individuals who seek a slimmer silhouette and a more pleasing body contour may wish to consider liposelection as a safe and effective way to achieve their aesthetic goals.  Patients who are dissatisfied with pockets of fat in their abs, arms, back, hips, knees, love handles, neck chin, thighs, and buttocks may be good candidates for liposelection.  As with any cosmetic procedure, liposelection candidates should be in good physical and emotional health and have realistic expectations about what their desired procedure can and cannot achieve. 

Liposelection is an excellent way to achieve a more pleasing body shape without experiencing the drawbacks related to similar body contouring techniques.  There are however, some limitations of the liposelection technique.  Liposelection can only remove a certain amount of fat and is not a weight loss solution.  Liposelection is also not designed to eliminate the appearance of cellulite which is related to, but not caused by, the accumulation of fat.  As with any surgical procedure, there are some rare risks associated with liposelection that should be discussed with your surgeon prior to treatment. 

The liposelection procedure is performed on an outpatient basis by a qualified plastic surgeon in a hospital, surgical center, or doctor's office.  Your cosmetic surgeon can discuss with you the benefits and drawbacks to general and local anesthesia to decide which method would be most appropriate for you during the liposelection technique. 

During the liposelection procedure, the surgeon will fill the treatment area with a special saline solution to numb the site and temporarily restrict blood flow to reduce bleeding and bruising during and after the procedure.  This specially formulated solution also infiltrates the unwanted fat tissues to make them easier to break up.  Next, a small grooved probe transmits ultrasound energy into the treatment area to break up and emulsify the fat.  This is done with no, or very minimal, harm to surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue.  Once the fat has been emulsified, it is carefully and precisely extracted using suction and massage. 

After the liposelection procedure, the patient will experience very little pain, bruising, and swelling.  Within days, s/he will be able to resume daily activities and begin to enjoy their satisfying new look.  If you would like to learn more about the liposelection technique, please contact us to speak with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in your area.