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Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is usually requested by Asian patients wanting to create a "crease", in the upper eyelid; double eyelid surgery can consist of a single suture, or liposuction and tissue excision. Some patients require double eyelid surgery because their drooping eyelids actually obstruct their vision. Patients who prove a functional need for double eyelid surgery may have some or all of the procedure paid for through insurance.

Prior to double eyelid surgery, the plastic surgeon will meet with the patient to discuss expectations and to plan the double eyelid surgery. The eyebrow height and position of the eyelid crease will determine the outcome of a double eyelid surgery, and careful measurements and demonstrations will ensure that the patient understands the probable result of double eyelid surgery. Patients are examined and questioned about tear production, contact lenses, and other factors in double eyelid surgery. During surgery, an incision is made and excess fat, muscle, and skin are removed. Most double eyelid surgery procedures use lasers for tissue removal. Fine sutures are used to close the incisions from double eyelid surgery. The plastic surgeon generally uses the eyelid folds to hide any scars that result from double eyelid surgery. A certain amount of swelling and bruising is normal in the days that follow double eyelid surgery; cold compresses can help reduce these side effects. Some patients have noticed that after their double eyelid surgery procedures they experienced dry or sticky eyes, for which eye drops or ointment were prescribed.

Double eyelid surgery is generally considered a cosmetic procedure, although in some cases, patients experience improved vision following double eyelid surgery, due to the removal of obstructions. For more information about double eyelid surgery procedures, you may wish to contact a plastic surgeon.