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Radiesse Side Effects

For individuals who want to restore fullness to sunken areas of the face, or who simply wish to minimize the appearance of deep facial lines and folds, a new non-surgical treatment known as Radiesse may be just the thing to do the trick.  For instance, some patients choose to fill in the lines between their nose and the corners of their mouth with Radiesse, while others choose to get Radiesse injections to augment depressed cheeks or areas around the eyes.

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The Procedure

Radiesse is a synthetic solution made up of calcium hydroxiapatite (CaHA), which is similar to a natural compound found in bones and teeth. Radiesse is supplied in an injectable form and remains soft, pliable and non-calcified when injected into the skin.

The Radiesse injection procedure is a fast and fairly painless process. Before the injections, a numbing medicine can be used to ensure that the patient doesn't feel any pain during the treatment.

Once injected, Radiesse takes on the form of the tissue surrounding it and becomes fairly soft when it's injected into fat.

Radiesse Side Effects and the Healing Process

Doctors have yet to conclude if there are any severe Radiesse side effects; however, as with all cosmetic treatments, Radiesse injections do carry some risks, although typically minimal. Some of the more common Radiesse side effects include mild swelling and bruising surrounding the site of injection, but this typically subsides after 24 hours with the help of ice.

The benefits of Radiesse often outweigh any minimal Radiesse side effects. Benefits include improved facial appearance and lasting results. In most instances, the results of Radiesse injections can be expected to last for up to nine months.

Those who are considering Radiesse injections should always exercise caution, especially when choosing a practitioner"�?as choosing someone properly trained and skilled will minimize any Radiesse side effects.

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