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Ultra Soft Lip Augmentation

Ultra soft lip augmentation is a permanent but reversible lip enhancing cosmetic procedure. Ultra soft lip augmentation involves inserting an implant under the skin of the lips in order to create more volume and fullness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Ultra soft lip augmentation was approved by the FDA in July 2001 and is rapidly becoming a popular lip augmentation procedure. The makers of ultra soft lip augmentation implants (Tissue Technologies, Inc. San Francisco, CA) report that UltraSoft implants delivery three times the softness and pliability of ultra soft lip augmentation alternatives.

Good candidates for ultra soft lip augmentation are those people who wish to enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of their lips and overall facial appearance. Patients who are born with naturally thin lips, those whose lips have thinned and wrinkled as a result of aging, and those who smoke often benefit from ultra soft lip augmentation. Patients who are interested in ultra soft lip augmentation should speak to a qualified surgeon about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Surgeons should also be aware of a patient's full medical history and any current use of medications or supplements prior to ultra soft lip augmentation surgery.

The ultra soft lip augmentation procedure is generally performed on an out-patient basis under a local anesthesia and sedative. No allergy test is required before ultra soft lip augmentation. The ultra soft lip augmentation implant is a tube shaped synthetic material that is injected under the lip skin through tiny incisions at the corners of the mouth. The ultra soft lip augmentation implant design allows tissue to grow within the implant to increase stability and aesthetic contour.

After the ultra soft lip augmentation surgery, a patient will be released from the hospital or medical facility to recover in the comfort of their own home. The first two weeks of recovery are crucial to the outcome of ultra soft lip augmentation, and it is vital to follow all after care instructions provided by the surgeon. Patients will normally experience swelling and discomfort after the procedure. Pain medication can be prescribed in order to alleviate these symptoms. Ultra soft lip augmentation patients are advised to ice the surgery area for the first few days and stick to soft foods for a few days.

For the first three to four months after ultra soft lip augmentation surgery, a patient may experience some stiffness in the lips and may notice the presence of the implant. After six months or so, the desireable results are often achieved. There is a very low rate of reaction and infection from an ultra soft lip augmentation procedure. The results, which are permanent yet reversible, are often highly satisfying.

The average cost of ultra soft lip augmentation is one to two thousand dollars per lip and may not include the costs of anesthesia, operating room costs, and related fees. Ultra soft lip augmentation is considered a cosmetic procedure; therefore most insurance will not cover the cost. Surgeons will work with each patient to find a feasible way to cover the cost of ultra soft lip augmentation.