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Body Care

Care for your body is the first step in overcoming potentially deadly diseases.  Weight is the biggest factor in most fatal illnesses in the US and one of the most preventable causes of death.  Nutritional information is important in the maintenance of the body.  Exercise can play a helpful role in body care by providing muscle development and weight-loss.  Finally, stopping smoking is the leading preventable thing anyone can do in caring for his or her bodies and lives.

Weight related illnesses account for about 300,000 deaths of Americans each year.  Over 30% of Americans are scientifically obese, and are therefore at a higher risk for having heart disease, diabetes, and other harmful types of illnesses.  Obesity occurs for a number of reasons but stems from the body taking in more calories than it burns off.  Typically, a daily regimen of at least 30 minutes of exercise and a lowered caloric intake can help stave off obesity.  Some people need to work harder because their obesity can be caused by genetic or inherited reasons.  Other illnesses such as thyroid gland problems can cause severe obesity that may lead to health problems.

For effective body care, weight is the number one issue that people can regulate for themselves.  Some people can undergo certain surgical procedures that can dramatically alter their weight.  Some of these surgeries are lap-belt weight loss surgery and laparoscopic surgeries.  Usually these surgeries take place only after traditional dieting and exercising do not work or because the person has become too obese.

Skin care is also an important body care issue.  Taking care of the skin can prevent a host of problems from occurring and can reduce the risk of certain diseases, such as skin cancer.  Skin care can be achieved through creams or lotions and by stopping smoking and staying out of the sun.

Smoking is linked to a similar number of deaths in the US as obesity.  Stopping smoking is the number one health related thing that can prevent an untimely death. The effects of smoking on the skin can cause premature wrinkling and severe graying of the skin.  Smoking has also been linked to abnormal fat deposits in the body, contrary to popular thinking linking smoking with weight loss. Smoking causes the endocrine system to store body fat in abnormal places around the body, causing unsightly bulging.

Nutrition plays a vital role in body care, and what a person eats can determine not only how healthy they are but also what they look like as well.  Eating fast food can cause obesity and skin related disorders.  Keeping a diet low in carbohydrates and fried foods and high in fresh foods can keep a person looking and feeling healthy for their entire lifetime.

Only repeated visits to an experienced body care doctor can help in keeping one's body in shape for life.  A doctor can prescribe treatments, advise on dieting and exercise, or develop a body care routine that can result in a patient's obtaining their ideal body type.