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Dark Circles Around Eyes

Dark circles around eyes are often associated to late nights out, too much alcohol and not enough sleep. While it is always important to eat healthy, drink enough water and get a full night's sleep while minimizing caffeine and alcohol intake, some people complain their dark circles around eyes will not fade away despite their efforts to lead a consistently healthy life.

Dark circles around eyes appear because of pooling of blood caused by the loss of proper vein function. When the small blood vessels dilate and become engorged with deoxygenated blood, the dark circles and discoloration appears. Some people are surprised to learn that the dark circles might be the result of allergies.

Nasal congestion can lead to dark circles around eyes, which can be relieved with the use of decongestants and antihistamines, but when the case is more severe, individuals might want to consider laser treatments. The pressure from congested sinus cavities might be too much for a nasal spray and concealer to tackle, but there are more cosmetic options than ever before available to help diminish the discoloration.

Using a laser treatment, some cosmetic surgeons are able to treat damaged blood vessels that contribute to the appearance of dark circles around eyes. Compared to efforts in the past to diminish dark circles around eyes using topical treatments, lasers are able to penetrate much further, having substantially greater effects.

For some people, dark circles around eyes might be a persistent problem because of genetics or bad allergies. To distinguish what is at the root of the dark circles, doctors can be consulted so that the individual's medical history can be referenced. If the dark circles around the eyes are not because of aging or genetics, a plastic surgeon can be consulted. 

In addition to lasers, a wide variety of cosmetic creams and makeup products at drug stores and department stores are available exclusively targeting dark circles around eyes.