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Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care

With so many skin care products boasting visible external results, many consumers believe a skin care regimen including jars of vitamin and nutrient enriched creams, gels and topical solutions can achieve their goals. There are a lot of effective topical skin care treatments, but skin is largely a reflection of internal health. Effective natural skin care tips can start with the way you treat your body.

Tips for improved skin through a natural skin care process:

-Drink plenty of water

Making sure you drink plenty of water is essential to healthy skin and beauty, as well as to your overall health. Moisturizers hydrate your skin from the outside, but drinking water keeps you hydrated from the inside out. If you are severely dehydrated, it will show on the outside with dull, dry skin. Dehydration can lead to flaking skin and wrinkles. By making sure you drink the recommended two to three pints of water daily, you can have a healthy, natural, dewy glow. Try to avoid alcoholic drinks and caffeine as much as possible while trying to get hydrated. These two components actually take away moisture from the body.

-Eat a healthy diet

We've often heard the phrase "you are what you eat."? Most experts agree that a healthy and balanced diet is one of the most important aspects of achieving healthy skin. While not evident overnight, what we ingest will not only affect your inner health, but also show up on the outside. Foods high in vitamins and antioxidants, as well as essential fatty acids, healthy oils and of course water all play an important role in maintaining healthy skin.

-Exercise regularly

It is no secret that regular exercise benefits your body, but it also benefits your skin. Exercise allows increased circulation and rids the body of toxins. Regular exercise can also help fight off stress, which can greatly affect the skin. It is common to notice skin flare-ups when under stress, but studies have shown that exercise mediates the production of testosterone-related hormones that can lead to acne. Toning your body can also help fight or mask the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins. -Sleep! The term "beauty sleep"? was coined because it keeps blood flowing to the face, which is essential for healthy skin. Getting enough sleep will allow your body to regenerate cells damaged by bacteria, viruses and aging, as well as regulate hormonal cycles.