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Placement of Implant

During breast augmentation surgery, there are two options regarding the placement of implants - under the muscle or above the muscle. There are benefits and drawbacks to each option, which will be discussed below. If you are planning a breast augmentation surgery, you should speak with your surgeon about the placement of implants in greater detail to determine the placement that will be best for you given your aesthetic goals and anatomy.

Above muscle (Subglandular)

The subglandular placement of implants involves placing them above the muscle.


  • There is typically less time required for surgery than below the muscle.
  • Usually a shorter recovery time can be expected.
  • It is also possible that there will be less discomfort initially after breast augmentation
  • - Because of the placement of the implants, re-operation may be easier if required than if the implant placement was submuscular. 


  • Implants that are placed subglandularly are more easily felt after surgery.
  • Implants may be more visibly noticeable. 
  • Capsular contracture, or hardening of the breasts, is also more likely when the placement of implants is subglandular. 
  • Mammography breast imaging may be more difficult with this type of implant placement. 
Below muscle (Submuscular)

During breast augmentation, implants can also be placed below the muscle, aptly called submuscular placement. Some of the side effects associated with subglandular placement may be mitigated by choosing submuscular placement instead.


  • Better mammography imaging.
  • Less risk of some local complications.
  • Less palpable or visible implants compared to subglandular placement. 


  • Longer surgery time than subglandular.
  • There is typically a longer recovery period.
  • Discomfort after the breast augmentation surgery may also be greater compared to the pain felt after a subglandular technique.
  • If additional operations are desired or necessary, re-operation may be more difficult after submuscular placement, compared to subglandular placement.