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Breast Reduction Recovery

Breast reduction recovery usually takes a few weeks, with many patients often working again within a week. While breast reduction recovery varies according to the specific circumstances of each procedure and individual healing rates, most breast reduction recoveries follow similar timelines and consist of the same stages and signs of progress.

Signs of Progress

Each breast reduction recovery stage is marked by a different aspect of healing.

  • A few days into the breast reduction recovery, drains are removed.
  • Stitches come out within the first week.
  • By the third week of breast reduction recovery, the swelling, bruising, and numbness should have significantly subsided.

Some doctors do not consider breast reduction recovery complete until the final results appear - generally within six months to one year after surgery.

Expediating Your Recovery

Breast reduction recovery results can be hastened and made more effective in a number of ways.

  • Throughout the breast reduction recovery period, patients should stay in contact with their physician and follow all medical instructions regarding breast reduction recovery.
  • Using ice packs on the chest region is highly recommended for the first days of breast reduction recovery to alleviate swelling.
  • Patients should avoid sleeping on their stomachs during the initial breast reduction recovery period.
  • Patients should monitor their incision sites and contact their physician if infection appears during breast reduction recovery. Avoiding infection can help reduce scarring and will optimize surgical results, as well as speeding breast reduction recovery.