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Risks of Breast Implants

There are many breast implant risk factors that are important to consider before determining if this plastic surgery procedure is right for you. Breast implant risk factors can be greatly mitigated when a competent and experienced plastic surgeon performed the breast augmentation or reconstruction technique. Unfortunately, some breast implant risk factors are present irrespective of the surgeon's skill or degree of care. Some breast implant risks are inherent to the surgical procedure itself, others are a result of surgical error, and still other breast implant risk factors relate to the nature of implants.

As with all surgical procedures, there are surgical breast implant risk factors that pose a small but serious risk to patient health. Some surgical breast implant risk factors can be alleviated with the help of competent medical staff, while others are simply risks inherent to any surgical procedure.

Risks During Implantation

The following are some of the major breast implant risk factors related to the surgical procedure itself:

  • anesthesia reaction
  • infection
  • excess bruising or bleeding
  • hematoma
  • seroma
  • granulomas
Risks During Recovery

Breast implant risk factors can also be related to unfavorable symptoms that occur after surgery. Breast implant surgery patients should expect to experience some degree of the following symptoms for the first month or longer following plastic surgery:

Delayed healing and tissue atrophy are more rare, but are potential breast implant risk factors.

Risks Due to Breast Implants

Some risks are due to the nature of the implants themselves and can include:

  • breast asymmetry
  • chest wall deformity
  • malpositioning
  • loss of natural breast tissue
  • unacceptable dimpling, puckering, wrinkling
  • implant visibility.

These breast implant risk factors can be greater for patients who seek an extreme enhancement of their breast size, or those whose bodies react unfavorably to breast surgery.

Long-term Risk Factors

There are also breast implant risk factors that increase with time and are among the most serious dangers posed by breast surgery patients. These breast implant risk factors are primarily local complications related to the implants. Capsular contracture is one such breast implant risk. The scar tissue that normally forms around the implant can squeeze the implant, causing it to rupture. Rupture and deflation are other serious breast implant risks that can require additional corrective, replacement, or removal surgery.