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Botox Alternatives

Since 2002, when the FDA approved the prescription-only, physician-administered Botox injection for the temporary reduction of wrinkles, plastic surgeons, drug manufacturers and cosmetics companies have been searching for alternatives - more advanced methods of preserving youth by reducing signs of aging in the face.

Serums, injection-free topical solutions that promise tightening of the skin on sensitive areas of the face, have been touted as new alternatives to Botox injections. Used concurrently, companies say their serums reduce the need for follow-up injections just three months later, producing results that last for at least six months at a time.

Serums contain a variety of botanical ingredients, from plant extracts to animal oils. Emu oil and tea extracts are just two examples of the multitude of ingredients that may be found in a serum or lotion promising to be a Botox alternative. Although Botox is only FDA-approved for cosmetic treatment of the wrinkles between the brows, many doctors are applying it to other sensitive parts of the face, such as the area next to or underneath the eyes, which may be a dangerous practice. Serums or lotions can be used all over the face for full skin care coverage.

Collagen is also a common ingredient in rejuvenating skin care products. As people get older, the collagen that keeps their skin naturally taut during youth begins to die, causing the skin loosen and wrinkle. Anti-aging creams aim to replenish the face's supply of collagen to reduce or prevent wrinkles.

Collagen fillers go one step further. This procedure aims to fill out the wrinkle, raising it to meet the rest of the skin. Collagen injections plump up the skin for a permanent reduction of wrinkles.

The newest wrinkle filler, Restylane, is made of non-animal-based hyaluronic acid, which is used to provide volume and fullness in the skin. Unlike other hyaluronic acid products, which are made from the comb of roosters and can transmit animal-borne diseases, Restylane is a natural cosmetic filler. This distinction also distinguishes the Restylane injection from Botox, which, while also an injection, is a drug formula. All injection procedures often cost the same, and the results of Restylane injections can last up to six months, twice as long as collagen injections.

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