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Facial Plastic Surgery

Because the face is so visible and so readily identified with an individual's personality, facial plastic surgery allows opportunities for patients to alter their images as well as their appearances. The changes made in facial plastic surgery can be subtle or radical, depending upon the patient's desired outcome. Some of the most popular procedures involve facial plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty, face-lifts; lip/chin implants, and chin liposuction.

Most of the people who opt for facial plastic surgery do so in order to create a younger or more refined appearance. A number of facial plastic surgery options, such as a rhinoplasty, focus on producing a more pleasing profile. There are also a number of facial plastic surgery procedures used for reconstructive purposes following an accident, and other forms of facial plastic surgery can address problems caused by genetic or birth defects, like cleft palate.

Before proceeding with any type of proposed facial plastic surgery, candidates should fully understand the potential outcomes and have realistic goals and expectations. Discussing facial plastic surgery with a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you to understand what to expect, both during and after treatment. Facial plastic surgery requires time for recovery; in some cases it can take months to see the final results.

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