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Bra Lift

As the number of plastic surgery procedures performed continues to increase, surgeons are constantly looking for new and improved ways of creating safer and more aesthetically pleasing results. A new type of breast lift surgery, referred to as a bra lift, is starting to emerge. Since plastic surgery can sometime drastically improve an appearance but not stop the aging process all together, the long term effects of a breast lift can sometimes be disappointing for some women.

Over time, the women may start to observe their breasts beginning to sag and their nipples turning downward again. Some women may elect to undergo multiple breast lift surgeries throughout their lives, but the bra lift technique may prevent this from being necessary, or at least prolong the results of the original procedure. The bra lift technique works by using the skin previously discarded to create an "internal bra" by attaching the skin to the chest wall.

Breast surgery is one of the three most commonly performed surgical procedures. Women sometimes seek cosmetic breast surgery in order to regain a more youthful look after sagging and turned down nipples because of genetics or aging. Typically, getting rid of the excess breast skin to tighten up the breast appearance and lift the nipple back to a more centered position is how breast lifts are performed.  

It is a natural part of the aging process to lose firmness and shape because the skin loses elasticity. Cosmetic surgery procedures have allowed both women and men to enhance their appearance and restore a more refreshed and youthful look. While the increase in people seeking to benefit from cosmetic surgery has dramatically risen over the years, so has the number of surgical errors. Doctors trying to tap into the growing, profitable field are performing invasive procedures in offices without the proper training and credentials.