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Our Procedures

Nipple Augmentation

Nipple augmentation is a surgical procedure to alter nipple size in both men and women. This surgery is often performed with another plastic surgery procedure, mostly breast augmentation.

Nipple Enlargement

A surgeon will do a nipple enlargement in order to match the size and shape of the nipple and areola with the increased breast size, providing a more natural appearance. Nipple enlargements can also be done as a single procedure, and in that case, are often performed on an outpatient basis in a physician's office.

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Nipple Reduction

Nipple reduction surgery presents a safe, quick way to permanently address long or oversized nipples in men and women permanently. An increasing number of patients are requesting nipple reductions, either in combination with a breast augmentation, lift or reduction, or simple as a single procedure. Many women request a nipple reduction because breast feeding has permanently altered the shape and size of their nipples, making them longer and somewhat droopy.

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