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Nipple Enlargement

Most patients who have a surgical nipple enlargement performed do so as part of another procedure, such as a breast augmentation. In this case, a surgeon will do a nipple enlargement in order to match the size and shape of the nipple and areola with the increased breast size, providing a more natural appearance. Nipple enlargements can also be done as a single procedure, and in that case, are often performed on an outpatient basis in a physician's office.

Nipple Enlargement Procedure

For most people, a nipple enlargement is performed when the nipples are normal in appearance, with standard shape and projection, and the patient just wants the nipple to be larger overall. Nipple enlargement can be accomplished through various means. Usually a tissue graft from another part of the body into the nipple is used; this type of nipple enlargement will use a small amount of fat or even some cartilage to increase the size of the nipple.

Side Effects of Nipple Enlargement

Side effects from a nipple enlargement are rare-in some cases scarring will occur during the healing process, sometimes the nipple will return to the size it was prior to the nipple enlargement, and breast feeding may not be possible following the procedure. Not all patients are suitable candidates for a surgical nipple enlargement, and they are screened carefully for the appropriate nipple anatomy.